Ovine Sheep Placenta Extract with Pluripotent Stem Cell

All of our raw materials for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals are sourced from licensed MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries) inspected premises and then are further processed on premises also licensed and inspected to ensure product safety and integrity. The ovine sheep placenta extract we use is certified and traceable.

Our stem cell extract contains bioactive stem cells derived from sheep placenta, which restores growth layer function that slows down as we age. Messenger molecules (known as growth factors and cytokines) in our extract wake our own dormant stem cells in the skin’s basal layer. The XO8 Mask restores your skin’s normal function to repair and rejuvenate - giving you a healthy, youthful appearance.

What is pluripotent? Pluripotent is a term used to define a cell's ability to differentiate into other cell types. Pluripotent stem cells have the ability to differentiate into any of the three major categories of cells.

24K Nano Gold  - Early studies of gold nanoparticles have shown promising results as an ingredient carrier because of their ability to penetrate the skin physically, not chemically, and the nanoparticles can help ingredients stay in and on the skin longer, increasing the direct contact with the stratum corneum. Gold has been shown to specifically promote collagen III production. Collagen III is found in fast growing tissue - especially in early stages of wound repair. It’s typically replaced later by type I collagen which is the most common type of collagen found in our bodies. 

CoQ10 - CoQ10 is a fat soluble nutrient that is small enough to penetrate the skin’s barrier to provide antioxidant effects. CoQ10 can exist in three different oxidation states, and the ability in some forms to accept and donate electrons is a critical feature in its biochemical functions that cancel out free radical damage. CoQ10 can increase absorption of other essential nutrients. It’s been shown to help recycle vitamin C and vitamin E, further maximizing the effects of vitamins and antioxidants that are already at work in the body.

Plant Collagen - Contains low molecular weight amino acids for optimal absorption and utilization by the body.

Glycerin - As a humectant, glycerin works to moisturize the skin by drawing water from the air into the skin's outer layer. It also forms a protective layer that helps prevent moisture loss.

Rose Extract - Contains gentianin as well as tannin compounds which have a toning effect on the skin - promoting firmness.

Hyaluronic Acid - Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring polysaccharide (carbohydrate) in the human body that keeps skin plump and hydrated. 

Kojic Acid - Kojic acid is made from several different types of fungi. It is safe for all Fitzpatrick types and promotes a brighter, more even skin tone.

Grape Seed Oil - High in linoleic acid, and safe for acneic skin, grapeseed oil has anti-inflammatory properties and contains the flavonoid oligomeric procyanidin which helps support collagen repair. 

Plum Extract - Reinforces antioxidant defense to protect skin against oxidative stress which improves skin radiance.

Arbutin (Bearberry Extract) - Blocks tyrosinase to effectively lighten discoloration and age spots on the skin. Tyrosinase controls the production of melanin in the body. When tyrosinase oxidizes, age spots and pigmentation occurs in the skin.

Vitamin A (Retinol) - Boosts collagen production to reduce wrinkles and prevent fine lines, speeds cellular turnover to even discoloration and brighten skin tone and unclogs pores making them look smaller and reducing acne.

Vitamin C - Vitamin C is an essential part of skin health. It is a small molecular weight antioxidant that is easily absorbed by the skin. Vitamin C also promotes collagen synthesis. It is also an essential compound needed for adequate wound healing.

Rezenerate is the newest and only nano-technology device on the market that shows immediate results in the skin. On each sterile tip there are 49 microscopic silicone pyramids that create channels in the top layers of the stratum corneum (the top layer of skin). Once these channels open, custom peptide serums penetrate the skin at a deeper level to help target pigmentation, fine - deep lines, uneven tone and texture all the while plumping and hydrating the skin. This treatment is a great substitute to receiving invasive micro-needling treatments and can even be used right under the eye and over the lips! This treatment requires little to no down-time and you'll be leaving with soft, glowing skin!

Clients' results after receiving just one Rezenerate treatment!

Celluma LED

We use the best LED panel on the market. Celluma is the only FDA approved LED panel to release three different types of low-level light therapy simultaneously during treatment. LED (light-emitting diode) releases energy waves that produce a natural photo-biochemical reaction in the body. When absorbed, it can help kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, speed healing and rejuvenate the skin. This assists to clear acne, tone and smooth skin, tighten and reduce fine lines and improve skin health. It can also be used anywhere on the body to help reduce pain a natural way. No UV rays, non-toxic and non-invasive. It's so relaxing, many clients are able to fall asleep and be rejuvenated mentally and physically. 


Diamond-tip micro-dermabrasion uses slightly varying degrees of abrasive tips and a vacuum suction to remove dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin. This treatment is best combined with an enzyme exfoliation prior to the microderm to help loosen up the dead skin cells for easier removal with the microderm. There is no down-time with this treatment but scratching or scabbing may occur. Please read or pre & post care page.

High Frequency

High Frequency is an alternating electrical current or also known as a Tesla current. It has many benefits including:

  • Antiseptic & healing effects

  • Stimulates circulation

  • Oxygenates the skin

  • Increases cell metabolism

  • Helps coagulate & heal any open lesions after extractions

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber 

Ultrasonic or ultrasound are high-frequency, noninvasive sound waves. When applied to the skin with a water based medium, it helps cleanse and exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells. It can also help stimulate tissue, increase blood flow, promote oxygenation and assist in product penetration.

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